Grameen PrimaCare is a non-profit organization that provides underserved women from low-income immigrant communities with a health promotion and empowerment program. Through our efforts using a community health worker model, we are creating a transformative program that fosters a culture of health and engenders a more equitable health system.

Our first pilot program, Grameen VidaSana, launched in Queens, NY in September 2014. By capitalizing on the highly successful Grameen “group model,” and combining it with a comprehensive approach to health care, we provided our members with access to enhanced primary care services, group activities, health education, and a variety of discounted services. After nearly six years of creating a unique and welcoming community, the VidaSana program closed in July 2020. 

Based on lessons learned from Grameen VidaSana, our second pilot program, Grameen Promotoras, launched in the South Bronx in September 2016. Our “Promotoras” — the Spanish term for “community health workers” — provide Grameen America borrowers with basic health screenings, health system education and navigation, preventive health education, physical activities, and peer support.

The Grameen Promotoras program hopes to improve the health and well-being of participants by increasing their knowledge surrounding health-related topics to benefit themselves, their families, and their businesses.