Grameen PrimaCare (GPC) has launched a pilot primary care and health promotion program, Grameen VidaSana (GVS), for immigrant women primarily from Queens, New York, who otherwise have little to no access to comprehensive, affordable and quality health care. GVS members will receive:

  • Unlimited access to a bilingual, compassionate and culturally sensitive primary care team at a dedicated health and wellness center in Jackson Heights, Queens
  • Weekly group-based health promotion and education conversations
  • Weekly classes and activities including aerobics, Zumba, yoga, stress management & relaxation, cooking demonstrations and much more
  • Navigational and access support for discounted health services and prescriptions

GPC has also launched the second pilot health promotion program Grameen Promotoras (GP), to promote healthy living in low-income immigrant communities through community health workers (Promotoras). Grameen America borrowers in the South Bronx are provided with the following services and support:

  • Weekly health and wellbeing workshops delivered by the Promotoras
  • Access to bilingual, caring, and confidential community health workers
  • Access to BMI, blood pressure, sugar level test, vaccinations and other biometric tests
  • Assistance in identifying, referrals,  and utilizing existing community resources