Grameen Promotoras (GP), the second health initiative of GPC, piloted its first stage from September 2016 through May 2017. Initially available to a limited number of Grameen America (GA) members in the South Bronx, GP will expand the reach of the program in its next stages.

The second phase of GP, launching in Fall 2017, will reach more GA members in the Bronx, thereby increasing the opportunity for more vulnerable women to get support as they work towards improving both own health and navigating the complex New York City healthcare system. The second phase will also include mandatory attendance and a more robust health education program.

GP hopes to achieve improvement in health outcomes within a non-clinical setting. Through basic health screenings and peer group meetings for health promotion, the GP community health workers hope to see improvements in health and increased knowledge about health-related subjects for GA members in the South Bronx.

GP Basic Health Screenings

  • The Promotora provides basic health screenings – BMI, blood pressure
  • Services completed include:
    • Cancer screenings – breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer
    • Social Services – social support, food pantry, supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP)
    • Medical/Dental/Vision services – specialized medical care, PCP, mental health, OB-GYN, diabetes preventive care and coaching, contraception, vision

GP Peer Group Meetings for Health Promotion

  • GP health promotion takes a non-clinical approach to health education and promotion, covering a range of topics including: nutrition, physical activity, mental health, sexual/reproductive health, prenatal care, parenting, health literacy, domestic violence, disease prevention, and chronic disease management.
  • Members are encouraged to attend group-based health and wellness education sessions in groups of 15 women either before or after the regular GA weekly meetings.
  • Promotoras facilitate health and wellness education presentations and discussions.
  • All sessions are designed to be experiential learning that is interactive and discussion-based.

GP Member Health Statistics

  • Chronic conditions:
    • Diabetes 28.98%
    • High blood pressure 34.95%
    • High cholesterol 29.29%
  • 71% have a regular medical provider.
  • 76% received a pap smear in the past 4 years.
  • 69% received a mammogram in the past 2 years.
  • 70% received a colorectal screening in the past year.
  • 32% visit a public hospital when in need of medical care.

GP Member Demographics

  • Countries of Origin (Note: the entire GA population is not 100% Latina, but largely Latina)
    • 54% Honduras
    • 21% Mexico
    • 12% Dominican Republic
    • 4% Guatemala
  • Long-term immigrants (18 years on average in the US).
  • Ages range from 19-51, with an average age of 46.
  • Average family size of 4.

For More Information

Please contact
Grameen PrimaCare
150 West 30th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10001