Funding Menu for Grameen PrimaCare


Grameen PrimaCare is looking for partners to help strengthen our mission of providing hard-working immigrant women from low income comminutes with an affordable, high quality primary care and health promotion program. While unrestricted support is crucial for our operational sustainability, we have specific funding opportunities that are key to the delivery of our health program, Grameen VidaSana, and have listed some below.

$10,000        Children’s Activities Corner

On average, the women of Grameen VidaSana have two children of their own as well the responsibility of caring for other family members children. It is rare that our members will be without their children as they shop, work, take care of the many people and things they take care of.

Our practice has a dedicated area with children’s chairs and tables where book reading, arts and crafts, face painting, schoolwork, etc. takes place. As part of our incentive package, we aim to have this area staffed with volunteers who can sit with the children and do activities ranging from homework help to arts and crafts while their moms are participating in a doctor’s visit or a Zumba class.

$10,000 would go towards staff time and materials needed to ensure the robustness of forming this volunteer program.


$20,000        Dental Fund

As a core aspect of our program provides members with linkages to discounted healthcare services that we do not provide at our practice. While we are forging relationships with dental providers who will provide our members with sliding scale fees, we anticipate there will be some procedures that will not be discounted. Knowing as we do that dental health is grossly neglected by the women we serve, we anticipate prohibitive costs for some as we commit to our promise of getting them in front of dentists we trust.

$50,000        Annual Discounted Membership to Grameen VidaSana for 200 Women

We recognize that while some women will be able to pay our monthly membership fee of $49, others will find this a stretch. In our first year of operation it is important that we build our reputation through the positive experience of new members so that they will then in turn experience improved health outcomes and inform their community about the quality of care they have received from Grameen VidaSana. We see a fund for discounted membership as a tool to expand our reach to women who can benefit from our program.

$75,000        Payment Incentive Program (and Evaluation)

Our payment plan for GVS is to operate on a subscription model.  Members will pay $49 per month to participate in the program.  The current business plan envisions as many as 500 people signing up within the first six months.  We have no precedence to know for sure if we will achieve this goal.  Speaking in terms of behavioral economics, the risk for changing behavior (i.e., paying for preventive health proactively vs. paying hefty price of medical care after getting sick, vs. paying for expensive and ineffective “nutriceuticals” such as Herbalife) is not trivial and requires comparing their value propositions on all the options.  Thus, it is yet unclear to GPC whether the price will be something that they will be willing to pay or whether they will stay with the program over the long run.

Therefore, we want to create incentive plans to reward such behavior change, to retain this changing process, until the change sets in (we do not yet know how long that would take) and they get the true reward of being healthier, leading healthy family lives, and building stronger relationships and community.  We have built incentive programs that would be rewarded to the members throughout the first year (upon sign-up, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month retention).  With support of a pro-bono consultancy by Jump Associates, we have conducted an intense review of our member recruitment, payment and retention strategies.

Incentives include free Zumba classes, first aid training, NYC Healthbucks, Rx discount coupons, health food coupons and other various health coupons, dental vouchers, optical vouchers, children’s tutoring and summer camp, ESL classes, legal services vouchers, computer/tech literacy classes, and various workforce development trainings.  We will partner with a number of community-based organizations to offer a number of these for free, but we will also need to purchase/subsidize the rest.  The grant will pay for this cost, as well as the in-depth analysis.

$100,000     Creation of Philanthropic Fund for Catastrophic Care

While we have enhanced primary care services at the Grmaeen VidaSana practice and are arranging for a number of subspecialty care referrals, our uninsured/underinsured members do not have catastrophic coverage nor are they covered for pricy imaging services. We therefore want to create a philanthropic fund pool with grant funding to subsidize/help our members for such needs.

Our end goal is to create a $500,000 fund with a minimum investment starting at $100,000.

For more information, please contact Judith Eichner, Director of Programs, at 718-704-0366 or Thank you for your consideration!