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Offered exclusively to Grameen America members, Grameen Vida Sana’s envisions a world where members’ health is a source of energy empowering them to grow their businesses and raise vibrant families. Grameen Vida Sana seeks to create opportunities for members to learn how to manage their health and receive high-quality care that would keep their costs low and their income high.

Enhanced Primary Care

Grameen PrimaCare - Patient CareGrameen America members who join Vida Sana gain access to conveniently located medical practice (opening early 2014) in Jackson Heights, NY with a team of highly experienced clinical staff – a bilingual female doctor, two nurse practitioners, and one registered nurse. Also on staff is a team of 10-13 health coaches who work to motivate members to achieve health goals, implement customized care plans, coordinate care among providers, and connect members to additional services and resources.

Weekly Group Wellness Meetings

Grameen PrimaCare - Weekly MeetingsMembers will gather each week in groups of 15-20 for wellness education and support meetings facilitated by health coaches. Grameen Vida Sana’s practical and highly interactive wellness curriculum covers a range of topics that engage members in becoming active participants in their health. A fundamental principle guiding the curriculum is the link between nutrition, health, and quality of life. Other topics include diet and nutrition, disease prevention, sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, healthy relationships, health literacy, and mental health.

Connected Health

Grameen PrimaCare - Connected HealthGrameen Vida Sana utilizes mHealth to support information sharing among clinical staff, health coaches, and Vida Sana members. An online platform allows members to track their health and offers educational resources that support their journey toward better health and well-being. The mHealth platform is a key resource for further educating members, as well as their family members, about their health.


Grameen PrimaCare Discounted ServicesGrameen PrimaCare will assist our members in accessing discounted services from our partners and other providers.