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Grameen PrimaCare is committed not only to healthier women but healthier families.  We’re often asked how our program will have a trickle down effect on children’s health. Children will not be directly participating in our health and wellness classes but their mothers will be.  Through our needs assessment survey we found that on average, each Grameen America borrower has at least 2 children.  Our program has the potential to impact these children because we believe that the information these mothers will receive will help them encourage healthier eating habits amongst their children.

A recent Op-Ed in the NY Times highlights the work of researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center where they have found that the preferences a child forms during the first years of their life will actually predict what they will eat later.  “This may have profound implications for the future health of Americans. With some 70 percent of the United States population now overweight or obese and chronic diseases skyrocketing, many parents who are eating a diet high in processed, refined foods are feeding their babies as they feed themselves, and could be setting their children up for a lifetime of preferences for a narrow range of flavors.”

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