Mapping Uninsured Americans

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Grameen America serves over 5,000 borrowers in the Queens area.  Census data released on December 17th reveals that amongst Elmhurst and Jackson Heights residents, over 30% are uninsured.  This report only further stresses the need for Grameen PrimaCare!  We are working hard to launch our first clinic in Jackson Heights this...

Grameen PrimaCare’s Art Contest

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Grameen PrimaCare’s Art Contest First Place Winner: Sujeire Grameen America member since September 2011. Mother of one daughter and one son Business: Sells Clothing  Grameen PrimaCare held an art contest in March 2013 with Grameen America borrowers in Queens. The purpose of the contest was to create awareness of women’s health...

Food Stamp Cuts for the Holidays?

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It’s the holiday season and as Grameen America borrowers struggle to provide their loved ones with gifts they have another pressing problem facing them: the price of food.   “Meanwhile, in the real world, a family of four is heading into the “pain point” of the month where they will...

What Separates A Healthy And Unhealthy Diet? Just $1.50 Per Day

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But $1.50 a day means about $550 a year, which for a Grameen America borrower and other low-income families, is a big hurdle to overcome. “Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist and epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health, and his colleagues decided to pore over 27 studies from 10 different...

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