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It’s 3:30pm and people are taking off their heels, throwing their sweaters to the side, and rallying up the entire office to climb the stairs!  Brooke just joined our team but she has already found a place in our hearts and well…our legs.  On her 2nd day here, we received the following email:

“You are all cordially invited to join me twice a day as I “stair master” the fire stairs. 
I know for me, sitting at my desk all day will be the death of me, SO why not take 8 min. a day and climb those stairs?
I will climb today at 11am and 2pm.
Come join!
In health,
GPC lives on the 8th Floor – and it’s a rough set of stairs too – but since that moment, Brooke has gathered a dedicated group together that continues to grow each day.  (Some of them have become over achievers and even climb it more than the two times we’ve set aside for it.)
We’re a health care organization after all, so might as well practice what we preach!