Return on Investments in Public Health

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently posted a brief summarizing the findings from major studies on public health and prevention released between 2008 and 2013. Background: “America spends $2.7 trillion annually on health care—more than any other nation.1 Too often, however, the health care system focuses more on treating disease and...

Newest New Yorkers Immigration Report: Important Social & Economic Role of Foreign-Born Residents

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For the first time, City Planning has created an interactive map depicting the settlement patterns for City’s  immigrant neighborhoods and where each of the City’s top 10 immigrant groups are living.  Of the City’s neighborhoods, Elmhurst (77,100) and Jackson Heights (65,585) have some of the largest concentrations of immigrants. Top 10 Immigrant Groups...

Safety-Net Hospitals

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Now more than ever the need for primary care services is increasing in Queens. “A study from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and The Commonwealth Fund warns that safety-net hospitals in states with large concentrations of undocumented residents “will be particularly affected by the reduction in disproportionate share hospital (DSH)...

Money-Saving Diet Tips For A Frugal And Healthy New Year

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David DiSalvo is encouraging us to find healthy food choices that will also save us money in the long run! Here are a few of his tips: (1) Save on dentist visits by drinking black tea. (2) Save on pain relievers by eating olives. (3) Save on skin moisturizers by eating walnuts. (4) Save on respiratory allergy...

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