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To keep your home a “stress-free haven,” as Health Net puts it, you’ve got to tackle the issue head on:

Speak out. Don’t let yourself be a victim to an in-home bully, manipulator or instigator. “If you feel in any way mistreated by a member of your household, you need to speak up and diplomatically express what’s bothering you,” Health net says. It promotes good self-esteem in addition to reducing anxiety.

Pull back on the chores. Doctors say a heavy “to do” list can lead to emotional and physical problems. Consequently, don’t take on too many projects or commitments at once, Health Net warns. It’s healthier to sometimes say “no.”

Find an outlet. Stress can melt if you find a good, healthy activity to release it. Try meditating, yoga, knitting, dancing (even in the house!) or gardening.

Get a handle on money problems. Household income  or the lack of it — is a reliable source of problems in the home. Get ahead of the problem by creating a budget, putting more money away for emergencies and changing jobs if you have to. The key is to be “actionable” and not take a sour financial situation lying down.

Get support from healthy people. Toxic people can drag you down in the home. But healthy people can pick you up again. “The people you consider to be your ‘inner circle’ should be sources of solace, not stress,” Health Net says. “If this isn’t the case, it’s time to re-examine just who should be in that circle.”

Get your home in ship shape. Organizing your home is a great way to curb stress. Even something as mundane as installing a hook for car and house keys or a cubbyhole in the kitchen for cellphones and sunglasses can have you breathing easier.

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