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Whole Foods has been a wonderful partner to Grameen over the years, and has generously supported Grameen PrimaCare in our two annual community health fairs in 2013. Thanks to the many contributions from Whole Foods, Grameen members and their families participating at our health fairs have had the opportunity to enjoy fresh, healthy meals and snacks and experience healthy cooking demonstrations which introduce them to budget-friendly healthy food alternatives, new cooking methods and recipes for a more balanced lifestyle.

Kelly Dupuis, one of our partners from Whole Foods, shared this heartwarming story with us after our health fair in September:

“Below is a photo of me having a conversation with a little girl named Peggy, about the importance of trying new foods at least three times before we make up our mind about them. She wasn’t interested in the brown rice at first, but a few minutes later, she was gobbling it up. No matter how insignificant this story might first appear,  it’s these kinds of interactions that make my job so rewarding. Those one-on-one connections that help to open minds and hearts to healthier eating.”

– Kelly