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A Golden Age Of Philanthropy

This story appears in the December 2, 2013 issue of Forbes.

When FORBES rolled out its inaugural Philanthropy Issue last fall, it provoked an unexpected reaction. Yes, there were plenty of compliments, and constructive criticism, too, but the overwhelming sentiment boiled down to this: Please keep the conversation going.

This issue marks a step forward in honoring that request. A century ago, after America’s legendary generation of industrialists had created unprecedented fortunes, these great entrepreneurs–led by Carnegie, Rockefeller and Morgan–turned their formidable problem-solving skills (and the entitlement to give that comes with making money yourself) on the era’s great social issues. With innovations in technology and finance creating a wave of disruptive megabillionaires, we’re now living through a second golden age of philanthropy. And with the planet, and its problems, now stitched together in ways inconceivable in Carnegie’s time, this one has the potential to be still more profound.

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