Research & Evaluation

Overview & Objectives

Through rigorous evaluation and analysis, Grameen PrimaCare (GPC) aims to identify health needs, barriers and challenges facing our members, translate findings into quality care programs, and produce meaningful evaluation results that can contribute to the health care reform dialogue at large.

Through our innovative and progressive endeavor with Grameen VidaSana (GVS), GPC strives to improve health and economic outcomes through patient empowerment, connectedness, shared decision-making, self-efficacy, education and healthy literacy and health promotion, all of which are the tenets of successful interventions. The GVS model has the potential to alleviate the burden on the physician, foster a more personalized experience, and ensure continuity of care for those who will face forthcoming barriers to health care resources. We aim to evaluate our programs to ensure such success and to produce evidence to share.

GPC’s Research and Evaluation team works with the members of the Research Advisory Committee, comprised of nationally renowned health experts, to design assessments that will identify gaps, explore solutions, and determine GVS’s program impact. In addition, to ensure we create a program that is designed around members’ needs, GVS’s activities were reviewed by our Grameen VidaSana Member Council  comprised of individuals from the Grameen community who represent the ideas, opinions and concerns of our members.

Grameen PrimaCare Research


  • Evaluate the program and document improvements to be made through process evaluation and continuous quality checks
  • Assess impact of program on health and economic outcomes
  • Build evidence to support GVS’s alternative healthcare model in improving health and economic outcomes

Research and Evaluation Plans:

  • Health Needs Assessment
  • Primary research study
  • Process Evaluation and Health Coach qualitative assessment
  • Focus groups after one-year pilot period
  • Payment model evaluation

Primary Research Study

The purpose of GPC’s primary research study is to assess the impact of the GVS program in comparing it to see improvements in the health of Grameen members who are largely uninsured Latina Immigrants. Through collaboration with our Research Advisory Committee, the research team will conduct a prospective cohort study comparing the health of GVS program participants and Grameen America members from other boroughs who are not enrolled in the program.

We plan to track the following indicators:

  • Pre-diabetes/diabetes
  • Psychological distress
  • Economic impact
  • Healthy behaviors
  • Healthcare utilization/access to care/quality of care
  • Quality of life

GVS’s success metrics are established from national quality indicators, so that we can properly measure our program’s success.