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Our Program – Grameen VidaSana

Grameen PrimaCare (GPC) launched our pilot primary care and health promotion program, Grameen VidaSana (GVS), for immigrant women primarily from Queens, New York, who otherwise have little to no access to comprehensive, affordable and quality health care. Enrolled GVS members receive:

○     Unlimited access to a bilingual, compassionate and culturally sensitive primary care team at a dedicated health and wellness center in Jackson Heights, Queens

○     Weekly group-based health promotion and education conversations

○     Navigational and access support for discounted health services and prescriptions

○     Access to mobile health tools to build knowledge and capacity for health management

Grameen PrimaCare - Patient Care

Enhanced Primary Care Team

  • Unlimited access to primary care through GVS practice in Jackson Heights
  • Access to bilingual medical care team
  • Regular screening (& basic labs) and early detection of illness
  • Effective management of chronic conditions

Visit www.grameenvidasana.org for more information.


Health Conversation Groups

  • Healthy behavior changes and social supportMember-recommended topics:
    • Weight loss
    • Women’s health
    • Stress management
  • Groups are led by Health Coaches


Weekly Activities

  • Regularly scheduled activities and events at GVS practice include:
    • Zumba
    • Yoga
    • Stretching
    • Aerobics
    • ESL
    • Cooking demonstrations
    • RelaxationGPC_costhelp

Discounted Services and Referrals

  • Health system referral and navigation support
  • Management of health related costs and bills
  • Negotiated low cost diagnostic tests and medications