Stair Club

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It’s 3:30pm and people are taking off their heels, throwing their sweaters to the side, and rallying up the entire office to climb the stairs!  Brooke just joined our team but she has already found a place in our hearts and well…our legs.  On her 2nd day here, we received...

You Are What You Eat, and You Eat What You Earn

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Bloomberg Businessweek recently assembled a chart, analyzing data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and found that lower-income Americans without high school degrees are more likely to drink whole milk and eat beans cooked with animal fats.  During our needs assessment survey we found that 75% of our borrowers have less than...

Bad Eating Habits Start in the Womb

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Grameen PrimaCare is committed not only to healthier women but healthier families.  We’re often asked how our program will have a trickle down effect on children’s health. Children will not be directly participating in our health and wellness classes but their mothers will be.  Through our needs assessment survey we found...

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